Continuing Education Courses for Financial Professionals:

Advanced Retirement Income Planning

How Bullet-proof is your Retirement Income Plan? Your client is about to retire and needs to draw a specified amount from her savings each year to be able to maintain her lifestyle. Using conservative assumptions about the rate of return on her investments, inflation, life expectancy, etc., you firm's retirement income calculator forecasts that the client has enough money to retire. The forecast assumes that the numbers you used hold true over the retiree's lifetime - but how realistic is that?   

Advanced Retirement Income Planning, written by award-winning author Jim C. Otar, explores the probability of a retirement income forecast going awry by applying over 100 years of market history to stress test the plan. You will learn how "aftcasting" can highlight vulnerabilities in your client's retirement income plan, and help you make recommendations to provide a more secure retirement income. This course provides 8 CE credits in FPSC's Financial Planning category. (October 2020)

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