Updating to a newer 2021MA (Multi-Asset) Edition when you already have it installed:

1. Close all your Excel programs.

2. Rename existing scenario file (the default folder is C:\ORC2021MA) "SavedScenarios" to "OldSavedScenarios".

3. Clear your browser's cache. Download ORC using your using your ID and password provided in the email.

4. Double Click on the downloaded program file name (ORC21MA.exe) to start installation process.

5. During the installation, the program will ask if you want to "Skip This", "Skip All", "Overwrite this", "Overwrite All". Click on "Overwrite All".

6. The installation takes a few seconds. If you receive a message after installation something like "Your installation may not be complete", ignore it.

7. After installation is complete you should see an icon like this on your desktop:

8. Import old scenarios from the "OldSavedScenarios" file.

9. If you normally use the "Cover" page, go there and enter your default information, then "Save as Template" . Now, you can start using the ORC.


1. If you installed more than one version/edition of ORC, you can only open and run one version of ORC at a time.

2. While a scenario is running, do not attempt to click on any other windows, programs or try to move the progress display window, or click your mouse. Leave the computer alone except when a message box appears asking for your input. Otherwise, you will likely get very strange results. If this happens, just click on "Run Plan" again, and this time, leave it alone.