Installing the 2019SA (Single-Asset) Edition For the First Time:

ORC (Otar Retirement Calculator) works only with Excel 2007 or newer with a PC type computer.

1. Close all your Excel programs.

2. Clear your browser's cache. Download ORC using your using your ID and password provided in the email.

3. Double Click on the downloaded program file name (ORC19SA.exe) to start installation process.

4. The installation takes a few seconds. If you receive a message after installation something like "Your installation may not be complete", ignore it.

5. After installation is complete you should see an icon like this on your desktop:

Do not click on it yet.

6. Open Excel with a blank spreadsheet. Click on the "File" menu on top left corner. Click on "Options" (depending on the Excel version, it might be on the left bar or on the bottom). Click on "Trust Center". Click on "Trust Settings". Click on "Add New Location". Now browse and add C:\ORC2019SA folder to this list.

7. While still on "Options", uncheck "AutoRecover"


8. You do not need a printer connected to run the program. However, you need to have a designated default printer so that the pages have some format to follow. Otherwise, you might see huge letters or parts of letters on the page. I use 600dpi printer resolution. With some printers, you might have to choose "graphics" setting.

9. Now, you are ready to run ORC. Double click on the ORC icon to start the program.

10. If you get error messages at start, it is usually either: A. The folder is not added to trusted folders list B. You Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel is not VBA enabled. Check the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on the website.

If you installed more than one version/edition of ORC, you can only open and run one version of ORC at a time.