I am an advisor. I have purchased the license for ORC and installed it to use for my clients. One of the fellow advisors in the office asked me run the Otar Retirement Calculator for his clients. Does my license cover that?
No it does not. Each end-user license covers one desktop computer, one home computer and one laptop computer and one advisor. Each advisor needs to purchase one license to cover his/her own client base. 


I am an individual investor. My neighbor, as well as my cousins want me to run the Otar Retirement Calculator for their specific situation. Does my license cover that?
As long as you don't receive a financial benefit for doing so and as long as you run the programs in your computer, you can use it for your family. If your neighbor needs to run it for his family, he needs to buy for his own.


I am a member of an investment club. Other members want me to run the Otar Retirement Calculator for their specific situation. Does my license cover that?

No it does not. An end-user license does not cover members of an organization. Each member needs to buy his/her own end-user license. 


If I were to subscribe to your service could I send the individual calculator results to my clients? I ask because I don't want to infringe on your copyright

There is no “subscription” as such. The program license fee is one time only; you can use the program for as long as you want. However, most users update annually in January so that they have the latest annual historical data in the aftcast and also for any program improvements. Renewal is optional, the program does not expire or stop working after a certain time. You are responsible for your own backup; all your scenarios are stored in your computer, this is not a cloud based service. If you lose your computer or your computer crashes or your backup fails, we do not supply a free replacement, you would need to purchase a new license for a new installation and  download instructions.

As for sending the results to your clients: First, you must clear it with your compliance officer or branch manager. Once that is done, here is my reply to your question:

You can certainly print the results as many times as you want for infinite number of scenarios, send them to your client as many times as you want, and you can do so for as many clients as you want. There is no copyright limit on that. Also, you can have your assistant use the program, prepare the scenarios for you and print the results/scenarios for you as well. You can install one copy of the program at work and a second copy at your home office and/or your laptop. If you decide to change computers, you can certainly move the entire folder from one computer to the other, or from your backups.

Here is the copyright restriction for use of this program: each advisor that uses this program needs to pay the licensing fee. You copyright license does not allow you to share the program with any other advisor in your organization or elsewhere. In short: one license means one advisor.